Strap Cutter "Standard"

Brand: Romanov Tools
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Strap cutter "Standard" is an ergonomic and easy-to-use strap cutter (leather belt cutter), which is equipped with an original pressure plate made of stainless steel, which reliably fixes the tool ruler. The ruler has two scales - metric and inches (just turn it over).

The main difference from analogs in which the blade installation unit wears out quickly, in this strap cutter the cutting element is held by two screws, and the slit is additionally reinforced with a plastic material. Also, the tool is adjusted with a spring-loaded screw according to the thickness of the used leather.

As an added convenience, it uses ordinary 9mm blades.

Max strap width: 80 mm. (~ 3")

 Strap cutter length: 190 mm. (7 1/2")

Grip length: 100 mm. (4")

Material: Ash tree

Product details
Volume / Weight 330 gr.
Material Ash tree and stainless steel
Origin country Russia

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