Threads Polyart #20 (Polyester, Machine)

Brand: Ozen Iplik
Product Code: THR-OZI-POLYART20
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Polyart thread is a high-strength machine sewing thread made from 100% polyester. Silicone treatment reduces friction and allows high sewing speeds to be achieved, and high breaking load provides strength and durability of the stitches. In addition, Polyart threads are resistant to ultraviolet (do not fade), rot, chemicals and do not stretch.

Thread Number: #20

Linear Density (TEX): 154

Breaking load (cH): 9040

Thread in spool (meters): 1500

Polyart threads from the Turkish company Ozen Iplik is a universal product, and depending on the thickness it can be used in various industries: manufacturing leather goods, bags, shoes, clothes, sports products, tents, belts; in the manufacture of furniture, covers, car interiors or embroidery.

PS: Please keep in mind that real color of thread may be a bit different than you see on screen.

Product details
Thickness #20
Footage, m 1500 m
Material Polyester
Origin country Turkey

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