Double cap rivet Buckleguy 9mm LONG (Black)

Brand: Buckleguy
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Double cap rivet with long post, from the American company Buckleguy. Used in the manufacture of a variety of leather products, where you need to fasten a large thickness. Made of brass with abrasion resistant PVD coating (will not rust or oxidize). Price is per 1pc.

Cap diameter: 9 mm

Post height: 12.7 mm

Color: Black Matte

Made by Buckleguy

PS: PVD (Phisical Vapor Deposition) is a highly accurate plating process carried out in high vacuum environments at high temperatures. It produces an EXTREMELY durable finish to prevent scratching. Typically, black hardware that is found in the marketplace is not PVD, and is generally considered a black spray paint causing it to chip and scratch off within days. PVD plating is the process used to plate high end watch hardware, golf clubs, etc., and the only successful way to make a black that will not wear off. The PVD process is more intensive and is thus reflected in the price per piece.

Product details
Color Black Matte
Size 9mm x 12.7mm
Material Coated Brass

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