Liquid Quick Mask

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Masking fluid that can be used on leather and cloth. Great for making cracks of batik dyeing style and gradations.

How to use:

  1. Put this fluid with a brush onto the leather or cloth in the pattern you want to keep dyes away. Quick Mask may get hard when the temperature is low. In that case, microwave the jar for about 10 seconds. Single stage paint will make gradation. Second or third stage paints will absolutely prevent dyes.
  2. Wait until Quick Mask dries. If you want to make cracks, do it after it completely dries.
  3. Paint the leather or cloth.
  4. Rinse Quick Mask off with hot water. If the target is leather, please do it with sponge.
  5. Wash brushes with warm water after use before the brush dries.
Product details
Volume / Weight 100 gr
Origin country Japan

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