Edge Primer Ledafil Super (100ml)

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Ledafil Super is a primer for leather edges and flesh side from the Italian company Kenda Farben. Made on the basis of synthetic resins, it is used to treat the edges before applying paint, closing the pores and making any edges completely smooth, which saves paint.

Also, Ledafil Super makes even very fluffy leather tough when applied to flesh side, which allows it to be used when molding leather products.

How to use: Stir well before use, but do not shake. Apply to the leather and allow to dry for 20-30. Treat the edges with sandpaper and, if necessary, apply the product again.

Volume: 100 ml.

Made in Italy

PS: This is an original product that we fill in bottles of 100 ml. In the cold season, we ship in thermo packing!

Product details
Color Neutral
Volume / Weight 100 ml
Based Water based
Origin country Italy

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