Cutter Oulefa Carver 3658 (9mm)

Brand: Oulefa
Product Code: 2000000016023
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Price in reward points: 600

The very handy modeling knife Oulefa Carver 3658 is used for precise and general work on cutting leather and other materials related to hobby or construction (cardboard, wallpaper, fabric, etc.). The slim shape of the case at the end allows you to hold it like a pen when performing precise and small work.

Includes 1 blade with a 30 ° angle. It is also possible to use 45 ° blades with the knife, as well as semicircular scalpel blades.

The metal body and screw retainer ensure reliable fixation of the knife blade when using it. The set includes a protective cap that protects the blade and the user when not using the knife temporarily.

Blades width: 9 mm

PS: Price is per one knife. The color of the knife that will be received is random, depending on the warehouse stock.

Product details
Blade size 9 mm
Origin country China

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