Threads Galaces 1.0 mm (Braided, Flat)

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Galaсes Flat Waxed Polyester Thread is made with 16 strands of polyester fiber monofilament. ​ Then waxed under high temperature with waxing equipment, cooling, polishing and setting finally a complete wax thread is formed. The thread is high tenacity resistant to fraying and has a flat aspect.​

It is available in almost 70 colors that will not fade. Sewing saddle stitch properly, you will get smooth and flat stitches.

Please note that the thread can be sold both in spools of the old and new types (the price is also as for old type spool). The thread is the same and does not depend on the type of spool, the difference is in the spool itself (the new one has a clamp for the end of the thread) and in the winding (there are more meters in the new thread). You cannot choose the type of spool, it depends on the color, some colors gos in the old type spool, some in the new one.

One spool contains (old/new type):

  • 80/110 meters for thickness 0.8 mm
  • 50/80 meters for thickness 1.0 mm
  • 35/60 meters for thickness 1.2 mm

Please keep in mind that real color of thread may be different than you see on screen.

Product details
Thickness 1.0 mm
Footage, m 50 / 80 m
Material Polyester Braided

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