Stitching pony "Shuttle" (Full set)

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The professional stitching pony of the new generation Romanov Tools Shuttle is fully equipped, designed for hand sewing leather products using a saddle stitch. Allows you to quickly and reliably clamp the product when sewing, freeing up your hands, since its main difference from other Romanov Tools ponies is a quick-clamping, eccentric mechanism that does not require adjustment in thickness.

In addition to the seated option, the saddler can be attached to the table using a clamp, and the powerful MKS bracket allows you to adjust the position of the saddler in all directions.

The pony's jaws are rubberized and do not leave marks or scratches on the surfaces being sewn. All surfaces are polished, which makes it possible to work comfortably and prevent thread snagging. The stitching pony has tilt adjustment in all axes for comfortable adjustment, and magnets for needles are integrated into the jaws on both sides.

Jaws width: ~85 mm

Working opening depth: ~270 mm

PS: Has the ability to dock the Blaster clamp from Romanov Tools.

Product details
Size 450 x 120 x 90 mm
Material Oiled plywood
Origin country Russia

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