Leather Vegetal Nike Nero 1.0-1.1mm

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Vegetal Nike Nero is a new article from the Attilio Puccini factory (Italy). This leather is a real example of the professional performance of the Tamponato technique, when the leather is finished and tinted by hand using special waxes. Pay attention - the leather has the most lively texture and is treated with a special proprietary composition of oils and waxes, which allows it to maintain high-tactile properties and a clear structure of the face throughout its entire service life.

This article is finished with a special stone cylinder, resulting in a glazing effect and a more pronounced clear structure of the front grain. Each leather is unique and has its own unique natural pattern. Leather is perfect for reversible shopper bags, as well as for backpacks, bags, shoes, etc. The reverse side is open, has a short dense flesh side, as well as minor traces of paint, which is not a marriage, but this is a feature of the technological process.

The price is for 1 sq. dm. In the Leather Size dropdown list, you choose from the available hides' or their cuts sizes.

Leather thickness: 1.0 - 1.1mm (2.5 - 3 oz)

Leather tone: Black

Country of leather origin: Italy

PS: Please keep in mind that leather color on the screen may differ from the real one due to differences in the color rendering of the screens of electronic devices.

Leather details
Hide Type Double butt
Finish Yes
Grain side Full Grain
Tannage Type Veg Tanned
Flesh side Smooth
Temper Firm enough
Product details
Color Black
Thickness, mm 1.0 - 1.1 mm
Origin country Italy

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