Carbon blanks Wuta with sandpaper (4pcs)

Brand: Wuta
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Set of Wuta carbon blanks for sticking sandpaper. 4 types of sandpaper of different grit levels allow you to be ready to work at once, which is very convenient when you process the edges of your leather product.

Carbon, in addition to being rigid and does not bend, makes it easy to peel off sticky-based sandpaper and quickly replace it with a new one. The set includes stickers that can be used to mark each form, so as not to get confused which sandpaper is pasted; there are also 4 sets of sandpaper, of different grit, 30 pieces of each.

You can also purchase these sandpaper kits separately.

Blank size: 30 x 115 mm

Blank thickness: 1.6 mm

Quantity included: 4 pcs

Sandpaper included: 320, 600, 1000, 1500 (30 pieces each)

Product details
Size 115 x 30 mm
Material Carbon
Origin country China

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