Wetstone 1000/3000

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Universal, double-sided wetstone for sharpening the blades of any knives. In the leather craft it uses for sharpening saddle-knifes, cutting knives or blades for swivel knives.

It has two grades (gritiness) from different sides: # 1000 (red) - more coarse for the primary processing of the cutting edge, # 3000 (white) - for straightening and finishing sharpening. For further polishing, you can use stones with more grades, but this is not already mandatory. The stone can come with a Wuta or OZZ logo (manufacturer of stones for Wuta).

How to sharpen a knife on the water stone?

Immerse the stone in water and leave it there for 10-15 minutes, then place the stone on the stand. Start sharpening with a coarser stone, holding the knife with two hands at a fixed angle (the angle of sharpening your cutting edge) and run along the surface of the stone with the plane that forms the cutting edge. Periodically wet the stone with water and watch the cutting edge: if the burr ceased to form, and the risks from the previous, rougher, stone were removed, then it is time to move to a smaller stone, or finish the grinding.

How often should you sharpen a knife?

The only answer is not here and it all depends on how often you use it. As soon as you feel that the light cut of the knife is gone, the skin began to bully and hard to cut through - it means you need to sharpen.

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Size 180 x 60 x 27 mm

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