Reward points

About Reward points

Our store LIAL Craft, for non company customers, has accumulative discounts called Reward Points. From each your purchase you will get some quantity of reward points that can be used with next your purchase. Reward point you will ever get will not expire.

Reward points you have can't be exchanged for money, you may only spend them with next purchase in our store. After your purchase you will credited by Reward points within 1-5 days after payment and completion your order.

All information about your Reward points (credited, spent etc.) you may find in your Account after authorization under Reward Points section.

Below you may look where you can see information about Reward points :

How to spend Reward points

During Chekout process and if you are authorized you will see information about points available and required for all order (you can spend all your points to pay for order partially). Just print in the text box Use Reward Point how many points you would like to spend and click checkboxed Button.

Amount of your order will decreased for Reward point you spent in money equivalent.